LINKS - for all your punk rock needs, including Knox's 1983 solo album "Plutonium Express" now on CD. - My friend Patrick Morris who has been described as a "residual" composer. Patrick unfortunately died in January 2008 and I'm hoping to do a bit of a memorial site for him. (Painting by Knox.) - the band I play in. - my friend's gallery. Allen Wrench of the band Kill Allen Wrench. Check his site out. (Painting -almost finished here - by Knox) - my friends' record shop in Inverness Street, Camden Town ("OUT ON THE FLOOR"). (Illustration by Knox) - my friend Cindy Jackson, plastic surgery superstar's site. - The Dollz (band with Cindy Jackson) site, but is just started - a friend of mine's architectural site. - a Japanese site

STEEPY ROJO "Far Over and Booby Gravy" - a recently released CD of psychedelic type material which people I used to be in bands with did in the early '70s.
Contact: for more details. - Chris Bell (from The Briefs) painting site. - great London music and film poster shop!